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ALTA Survey's are prepared in accordance with the standards specified by the  American Land Title Association (ALTA) and the American Congress of  Surveying and Mapping (ACSM). An ALTA Survey shows the boundaries of the  property, the location of improvements on the subject property,  including any and all structures, fences, utility lines, roads, etc.,  along with the location of any/all easements. This is one of the most  detailed surveys available. See below for a few instances in which we will recommend or require this type of survey.

  • When buying or selling commercial or residential real estate
  • When buying a piece of vacant land
  • Whenever you want more detailed information about a piece of land you own or plan to buy

Boundary Survey, Monuments, Property Corner, Plats, Property Lines

Boundary Survey

We use this survey for the boundary lines of a property. This  type of land survey usually involves field work on adjoining lands to identify and verify the appropriate land boundary. 

  • Discovering or setting physical monumentation
  • Plat Certificates
  • Find previous and record new records
  • Setting property line stakes


Topographic Survey

We use these survey's to locate and record topographic features that include, but not limited to, utilities, ditches, roads, water shed course, flow lines, embankments and contours. It can be implemented through aerial photographic methods and ground field methods.

  • Topography
  • Elevation Certifications

Drone Topography

We currently work with a well known drone topography company to provide clients with large parcels or more inaccessible areas to have topography work done.  In house - Coming Soon!

Land Development, Construction, Grading, Building

Construction Surveying

These services use land surveying to stake out structures, such as roads, buildings, walls, fences, pools, and utilities. It involves slope staking, horizontal and vertical grading as well as an As-Built survey.